Become Stock Model Today

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You must meet following criteria to become our stock model.

Hands :

Female hands must have flawless and soft skin with evenly shaped nails. Please do not wear any nail polish. Nails must not be false. Male hands should have minimum hair.


Evenly shaped toes and nails. Free of foot blemishes. Women shoe sizes 6-8,5. Men shoe sizes 9-12


Long, shapely and smooth. Skin free of veins and blemishes. Not overly muscular.

Body :

Even skin tone and nice muscularity.


Flawless skin, pure white teeth..

We accept males and females with minimum 18 years of age.
All ethnicities.

Simply fill up the form below and send us your all details along with your pictures

Exquisite Part(s)
(For Representation) You can select as many choices possible

File Requirements: Upload limit for each image 350kb. Formats - .jpg, .jpeg, .png formats.